Kargadan (Rhinoceros) is a large, heavily built mammal that in fact dates from the Miocene era millions of years ago. Resistant and tough with a thick skin and a very sharp sense of smell. Bulky and strong, but harmless to other animals. Does not hunt, nor is hunted. Although its horn can tear up steal, it is calm and is not bothered by others. Kargadan is vegetarian and gentle, and allows birds to ride on its back.

Creativity is the most powerful force behind all business advancements. An advertising agency’s forte is its ability to attract and manage talents in pursuit of client’s goals. Kargadan is honored to have a passionate and experienced team as its core. A team of experts, each representing a solid ring in a sturdy chain.

Marketing Research Management, Communication Strategy Planning, Developing Communication Campaigns, Developing Creative Concepts and Ideas, Design and Production, Media Planning and Optimization, are the main expertise needed for effective communications, all of which are integrated in Kadgadan Creative Communication agency in harmony.

Hassanali Zad has earned a variety of experiences in marketing communication over the past 15 years. These experiences were the grounds for his potential in business analysis through marketing communications. His extensive background in both strategy and creative sides of advertising, enables him to link business objectives to creative strategies based on consumer insights. Hassanali has managed many domestic and international client accounts over the years, with the experience of himself being an advertising client under his belt.
Hassanali is the director of strategic planning and account management of Kargadan Creative Communications.

Tahamtan Aminian has over two decades of vast experience in marketing communications. An effective creative director in marketing, branding and advertising, with numerous domestic and international prizes in visual communications, Tahamtan continuously thrives with pure and exemplary ideas, documented in Iran’s advertising market. His name is knotted with Creative Advertising through unmatched motivation, perseverance.
Tahamtan is the Creative Director of Kargadan Creative Communications.

Safa Seyrafi is a well-known figure with over 15 years of active presence in advertising and marketing communication industry. Safa with a DBA in management is a university level media planning lecturer, and through theoretical learning as well as years of experience working with local and international agencies, is considered one of the pioneers of media planning in Iran. With over 10 years of advertising agency top management experience and collaboration with top local and international clients, Dr. Seyrafi is a distinct figure in the field of advertising.
Apart from overseeing the media planning, Safa is the Managing Director of Kargadan Creative Communications.

These works created by Tahamtan Aminian before Kargadan establishment.

This showreel contains TVCs which produced by Iranian professionals in commercial filmmaking through creative direction of today Kargadn’s creative director.

These works created by Tahamtan Aminian before Kargadan establishment.

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